Quitting Smoking? Where to Start Spending Your Time

spending time with your children

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do, and environment can make a huge difference in a person’s success in doing so. If you’ve been a smoker your whole life, your habit has probably influenced a huge assortment of your everyday choices, including the places you spend your time. It can be hard to know which places will trigger your urge to light up.

Luckily, you can rely on many types of establishments to have banned smoking. Being away from cigarette smoke will help get your addiction off your mind. Here are a few places to avoid and a few places to seek out when quitting smoking.

Stay Away From Bars With Patios

Even though most bars are no smoking zones nowadays, many drinking establishments feature outdoor patios where clients can step out for a quick smoke. Avoid places like this. Drinking is huge trigger for many people trying to quit smoking—alcohol depletes self-control, and many people originally began smoking while drinking. It’s very easy to light up after you’ve had a long day and few beers. So if you must go out at night, avoid bars that have outdoor patios.

Stay Away From Rock Concerts

People love to smoke at concerts. Many musicians even like to smoke onstage. While most venues have—like bars—gone smoke free over the last decade, many venues will still—like bars—offer places where patrons can step out for a smoke. Add in the fact that most concerts offer alcohol for sale, and you’ve got a strong recipe for falling back into that nicotine habit. So stay home, listen to the records, and watch a movie instead.

Go to the Gym

Quitting smoking is a terrific opportunity to focus on your health. Getting a gym membership will allow you focus your energy on other things. Exercise will make you aware of your body’s needs, and will help you to burn off the nervous energy that people often find intolerable when they quit smoking. Having a smoke after spending an hour getting healthy will make you feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time, while the healthy feeling of exercise will give you strong motivation to stay as clean as possible. Hit the gym and kick the cancer sticks.

Spend More Time With Your Kids

Parenting is also a great opportunity to get smoking out of your life. When you have kids, your life suddenly feels much more important; you have got to stay safe and healthy if you’re going to look after and be a role model for your children.

Another great reason that having kids will help you quit smoking is that parenting changes all of your life’s habits. It’s hard to quit smoking when you’re still doing the things you were doing before. Once a kid arrives on the scene, though, everything is different. And luckily, most kids hate—and are endangered by—are the smell of tobacco and will provide plenty of encouragement to get your lungs as healthy as they can possibly be. Quit smoking for your kids.

James Caddell (23 Posts)

James Caddell is the Editor of dctff.org and author of over 20 books. He is on the board of 3 educational non-profits and enjoys the arts.

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James Caddell
James Caddell is the Editor of dctff.org and author of over 20 books. He is on the board of 3 educational non-profits and enjoys the arts.

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