Quit Smoking: Why it’s a Smart Idea and You Know It!

If you are a regular smoker and are looking for reasons to quit, you must have come across many tips and advice to do so. Even after that, it may seem impossible for you to quit. The truth is, quitting smoking is hard- harder than you may realize. There are so many perks of giving up this addictive and harmful habit. Despite knowingly all this, however firmly one tries, quitting may seem unlikely. One needs a big and personal reason to quit the consumption of tobacco. Here some of the solid reasons you must try to quit smoking:

  • Live a healthy and long life: You may have heard this innumerable times before. Yet, it is one of the best reasons to stop smoking.  It has been proven that, with each cigarette you smoke, almost 11 minutes are cut short of your life. Due to its addictive and carcinogenic properties, tobacco is a dangerous drug as any, and has destroyed many lives. The risk of Lung cancer and heart diseases minimizes drastically when you are a non-smoker. It is estimated that over 52,000 people die each year in United States of America and millions more are affected by it in some form or other.



  • Think of your family and friends: Smoking does not only affect you; it also destroys your personal relationships. It would not be an exaggeration to say that smoking has a huge influence on your loved ones. It is also scientifically proven that smoking causes only 30% harm to the smoker but 70% harm to the people near them at the time of smoking. It is very unsafe and hazardous to children. They can even learn to smoke by watching a loved one do it. Smoking is a selfish habit; by using tobacco you are destroying more than one life.



  • It will save money: While it may be true that many tobacco-users may not necessarily care about this fact, many will be surprised at how much money is spent each year on cigarettes. Smoking is not a cheap habit, and it is proven by the fact that approximately $2,200 is spent each year by an average smoker! Try quitting your smoking habit by picking up a healthier habit in which you can invest that amount of money into something that is safer, more productive and enjoyable.

Tips to Get On the Road to Quitting

You can’t expect to quit smoking in one day. Stopping the use of tobacco is not easy at all and it will happen slowly if you try. If you really want to quit smoking, you must do it slowly but steadily. Decrease the consumption with each passing day and soon you will be successful. Some useful tips are:

  • Make a solid plan and stick to it no matter what
  • Change your eating and drinking habits
  • Be positive and keep reminding yourself of why you must quit
  • Get medical help if necessary
  • Use something else to keep your mouth busy (non-harmful, like chewing-gum)

How did you quit smoking? What was the toughest part? Please leave your comments below:

James Caddell (23 Posts)

James Caddell is the Editor of dctff.org and author of over 20 books. He is on the board of 3 educational non-profits and enjoys the arts.

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James Caddell
James Caddell is the Editor of dctff.org and author of over 20 books. He is on the board of 3 educational non-profits and enjoys the arts.

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