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Hookahs – As Harmful as Cigarettes

A hookah is a water pipe for smoking tobacco, which traditionally comes in various flavors to enhance the experience. The hookah has a social element that many people enjoy, as the pipe is shared by…

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An Overview On Lung Cancer

Most of us are aware that smoking greatly increases your risk of developing serious illnesses. One of the most common diseases associated with tobacco use is lung cancer. Exposure to tobacco smoke, either firsthand or…

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An Overview About Emphysema Most people know that smoking can increase the chances of developing life-threatening diseases. Emphysema is one such example caused by smoking. According to the Mayo Clinic, emphysema affects pulmonary function by ruining the air…

smoking and teeth

Smoking and Your Teeth

Most people know that smoking can cause serious problems to your respiratory and cardiovascular system. Heart attacks, strokes, COPD and asthma are some of the more common diseases that have all been linked to long-term…

Electronic Cigarette

All About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) have started to become a popular product, touted as a safe alternative to the traditional cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes that give off harmful second hand smoke, e-cigarettes give off a vapor…

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